Our Miami office, strategically located at 8740 NE 2nd Ave in the heart of Miami, Florida, serves as a key pillar for our operations in the Americas. This prime location places us at the nexus of Miami’s flourishing business environment, renowned for its dynamic blend of cultures and its status as a gateway to Latin America. The office’s proximity to major business districts and cultural hubs makes it an ideal location for offering specialized headhunting and HR services tailored to the diverse needs of the American and Latin American markets.


8740 NE 2nd Ave
33138 Miami Florida

+1 9152569370

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Hub Leaders

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Marco Tiozzo Americas Director

Working in the US

Working in the US offers many benefits, including access to a highly competitive job market with a diverse range of opportunities. The country’s strong economy make it an attractive destination for professionals to advance their careers while enjoying top-notch education, infrastructure, and a high standard of living.

Our presence in Americas