Dedicated Recruitment Service

With our dedicated recruitment service we provide clients with a dedicated recruiter working from one of our global offices. The service has a mixed payment structure that includes a monthly fee + additional result based fees.

Our service ensures complete focus on the client’s assignment while maximising the results through our in-house culture of collaboration and sharing of best practices. This approach is unique compared to other traditional RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services. The benefits of our dedicated recruitment service include personalised attention, expert recruitment support, and a higher chance of meeting the client’s specific needs.

People Intelligence

At Kilpatrick, ‘People Intelligence’ is an essential component of our dedicated recruitment service. It refers to the part where our consultants conduct analysis and mapping of target markets using international business intelligence processes to identify talents that meet our clients’ needs. Results are always connected to new research projects to find the best talent on the market and bring it to our clients.

The benefits of our People Intelligence approach include a deeper understanding of target markets, a higher chance of finding the right talent, and a personalised approach that meets each client’s unique requirements.

In addition to being part of our dedicated recruitment service, our People Intelligence services can also be acquired separately upon special request.

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