Executive Search

At Kilpatrick, we know better than anyone just what great leaders can do. Each search commitment is customised to meet the specific objectives and needs of our clients. With almost 25 years’ strength-in-depth experience, our core focus has never changed –we passionately believe that the key to successful businesses relies on extraordinary people.

Our Added Values


Kilpatrick’s senior consultants have held executive or managerial roles, giving them the expertise to meet clients’ global challenges. We conduct thorough due diligence to provide customised solutions, and our commitment to headhunting smart, working sustainably, crossing borders, and staying authentic has led us to offer a boutique service that provides personalised solutions to meet each client’s unique requirements.

We offer a Boutique Service

At Kilpatrick, we pride ourselves on offering a boutique service that provides local insight, global expertise, and a personalised approach to every client. Our in-house culture of collaboration ensures complete focus on the client’s assignments, while maximising results. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements.

The right team by your side

Before joining Kilpatrick, all our senior consultants held executive positions or managerial roles in different industries, so they really understand your concerns and can meet your business’s global challenges. Before we start the headhunting process, we conduct thorough due diligence to understand our clients’ needs. Only in this way can we provide the solution and/or find candidate(s) who are a match and have high retention rate.

At Kilpatrick we are committed to:

  • Headhunt smart
  • Work sustainable
  • Cross borders
  • Stay authentic and transparent

Read more about our values and commitment.

Once we have defined your needs…

Our consultants personally engage and share the opportunity with their local and global relationships, to identify candidates prepared to meet your needs.
We understand success is not limited to the placement but goes beyond onboarding, which is why we’re adaptable and flexible moving forward. In fact, as the journey continues, we’re passionate and dedicated to helping you unlock the potential in individuals, teams and organisations, thanks to our world-class blend of: Executive Search, Dedicated Recruitment Services, Human Capital Services and Digital HR and Technology Solutions.

Our commitment doesn’t end when we place a candidate…

  • Research, Selection and Onboarding – of executive and middle to high-level talents for both large corporations and mid-cap enterprises.
  • Global Reach and focus on Cross-Border projects – thanks to our 6 hubs based across Europe, MEA, the Americas, Asean and China, whilst still working as a boutique with precise knowledge of local needs.
  • Online Tools to monitor research progress – providing exceptional talents assuring a unique “search experience” to the candidates.
  • Various in-house designed digital HR solutions for e.g. digital transformation of the organisation.

Our other solutions