Human Capital Services

Thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals in human capital assessment and development, Kilpatrick is able to design ad hoc interventions aimed at supporting companies in change management and employee development processes through the following services:

Board of Directors

  • Certified Board Members of Kilpatrick intervene in boards of directors as independent advisors or as consultants following a detailed programme and with specific skills and experience in Boards of Directors.
  • Thanks to their consolidated experience, our Board Advisors share best practices that have proven to be effective in other Boards, with a focus on the implementation of sustainable governance;
  • Support for the induction of new board members by paying attention to the organisation’s values, current strategies and the profile that best meets the board’s needs.

Assessment Centre

  • Qualified and certified assessors work with both individuals and groups to assess skills or develop potential in the company;
  • Group Assessment: assessment of talent potential in the company and definition of retention mechanisms;
  • Certified Assessors in DISC Persolog, Resilience and Stress Profile, Hogan;
  • Certified skills and assessor network at international level (Italian, English, French and German).

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Coaching – delivered by highly qualified I.C.F./EMCC certified coaches. Preparing managers for new responsibilities, supporting professionals in the transition to management positions or facing new challenges;
  • Internationally accredited coaches who adhere to the principles of the International Coaching Federation have international experience and work for both individuals and corporate teams with team coaching;
  • Coaching for Boards: executive coaching for CDAs.

Interim Management

  • Management and identification of interim Managers experienced in change management and turnaround, who accompany companies in periods of transition;
  • Network of Managers with specific skills and experience in different sectors able to meet the demands of companies in different functions and levels of responsibility

Human Capital due diligence
(Companies, Private Equity, Start-up/scale-up)

  • Consultants and Assessors with expertise in human capital assessment are involved in international development projects, M&A or competency mapping.
  • Assessment of management potential and in-house talent Gen-Z.

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