3 Most Asked Questions to HR PROFESSIONALS and HEADHUNTERS one year after pandemic

How companies ATTRACT talents one year after COVID, and what are the main difficulties headhunters and HR professionals face right now?

Many companies have had significant damages due to the pandemic. The shift in human resources has become evident; instead of hiring new people, companies are looking internally for employees that have adequate skillsets. 

The growing demand for new talents never subsides during these unprecedented times; the job market moved from talents competing for positions to companies competing for the right talent to fulfill the roles. 

It has become critical companies possess suitable attractions for potential candidates. Companies that care and invest in improving corporate culture will be ahead of the game. Candidates are being re-evaluated on soft skills, such as staying resilient under uncertain circumstances, adapting to a new environment, and this type of candidates is merging as the most valuable asset in the companies.

How to RETAIN and MOTIVATE workforce in a ” work from home” culture? 

It is challenging to motivate people remotely. Although work-from-home provides safety for the employees during the pandemic, many employees feel disconnected, forgotten, and isolated. 

HR needs to listen and better understand employees. Surveys and questionnaires, professional psychologists, monetary incentives, and self-development programs are amongst the most used tools HR can adopt. 

How has the current pandemic changed the ROLE of the HR Manager?

The shortcomings of the lack of digital innovation of HR departments have become the major roadblock during the pandemic.  

The pandemic has required companies to act on both the hard and soft fronts of HR activities and the role of HR has gained in value in the eyes of managers and entrepreneurs.