Building a Winning Talent Acquisition Strategy for the Digital Age

Attracting and retaining the right talent in a rapidly changing market can be a challenge. This challenge is even greater with the emergence of the new Generation Z entering the labour market. These topics were discussed at the Talent Communication Summit held on Tuesday, February 21st, organised by Potential Park at Edison Palace. The summit was attended by our Head of Digital, Marco Mangione, and Inge Booij Head of Marketing and Communications, who gained insights, trends, and inspiration to attract the best talent in the current market.


The era of distraction

In today’s era of distraction, with numerous social media platforms and communication channels available, it can be difficult to get the attention of potential candidates. Research by Potential Park shows that Generation Z has a particular interest in information coming from Ambassadors and Influencers. Millennials, on the other hand, look up more information online on professional platforms. To target the right audience, companies must use the appropriate social media channels. For instance, Facebook has become less important, mainly under Gen Z, while Instagram and YouTube are more preferred platforms. Other platforms to consider include TikTok, BeReal, and Twitter.

Moreover, it is crucial to share the right information on the right channel. For instance, TikTok can be used for presenting the office and social life, YouTube for company information, and Instagram for job information and workplace presentation.

When it comes to values, a survey by Kilpatrick Executive Search revealed that Millennials place more value on economic compensation than the company’s mission/vision compared to Gen Z. Thus, it is important to keep this in mind while attracting talent.

Kilpatrick survey report about Gen Z and Millennials Shifting Values

Brand Ambassadors, Academies and skill matching

Brand ambassadors play a significant role in attracting talent, and companies should use their employees to become brand ambassadors. For example, employees can take over Instagram stories, showcase the diversity within the organisation, and highlight employee activities.

Additionally, companies can set up their own academies to train youth for jobs within their organizations. This approach not only solves the employee shortage but also provides opportunities for people from regions where few jobs are available.

Finally, selection should be based on competencies rather than the background of the person, which can be achieved by conducting skills tests. By focusing on skills, companies can find the right fit for the job, regardless of the job title.

In conclusion, attracting and retaining talent in today’s rapidly changing market requires companies to adapt their strategies to the changing needs of candidates. By using the appropriate social media channels, leveraging brand ambassadors, and focusing on competencies, companies can effectively attract and retain the right talent.

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