Create a culture of well-being in the workplace with professional medical coaching

The Pandemic has accelerated the challenges that companies have long posed to the health and well-being of employees, in particular, their mental health and management of new ways of working. Kilpatrick is keen to support companies in building a ‘new’ environment where employee health and well-being is at the centre and as a necessary priority with respect to the findings of the McKinsey Health Institute’s Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey 2022.

Specifically, for Private Clinics and Hospitals, Executive Search firm Kilpatrick is engaged in the international selection of physicians and healthcare personnel with specific competencies.

Leadership and Medical Coaching projects are designed in both healthcare and corporate contexts and are developed around the themes of inclusivity, sustainable work, supportive growth environment, leadership commitment, work engagement and satisfaction.


Executive Leadership & Medical coaching services

Monica Ferrario Client Director at Kilpatrick Executive Search and Professional leadership & medical coach (Certified MCI Medical Coaching Institute) supports Executive Leaders, Healthcare Practitioners, and Caregivers to cope better with crises or life-changing events so that they can build a healthy and sustainable work-life balance, as well as supporting companies in creating a culture of well-being and mental health as a fundamental basis for the development of sustainable business. With the achievement of the PMC certification (Professional Medical Coaching certification) Monica Ferrario adds an important competence to our global Kilpatrick Team. 

Interested in our Executive & leadership coaching services for your organisation? Contact Monica directly here or request additional information.