Find Your Essentials – How to thrive in a post-pandemic reality

ESSENTIAL: adjective

absolutely necessary; extremely important.

The word “ ESSENTIAL” dominated our lives in the past couple of years. Governments kept ESSENTIAL businesses open during the lockdown, we were only allowed ESSENTIAL activities. For the first time, the things most people took for granted, are none-essential. 

We wanted to share , based on quantitative data from over 3000 CEOs, and in-depth interviews with a dozen of CEOs asked how they weathered the major changes during the pandemic, led organizations by re-defining what’s ESSENTIAL for companies’ to stay afloat in the unprecedented time. 

“Who is essential to your organization, and what is essential to the operation of your business? While many of our findings were indeed extraordinary, we also discovered that a retrenchment—focusing on the basics—may be equally as important as we move beyond the COVID disruption into whatever comes next. “

As we are preparing this month’s newsletter, the new variant OMICRON merged, the title is no longer appropriate, to say “post-pandemic”.