Improve Your Work Performance & Excel in the Chinese Market

By Jacob Hoekstra, Global CEO at Kilpatrick Group and by Riccardo Coli, International CLient Director at Kilpatrick Group.

February 25th, 2021, Lugano, Switzerland. Mr. Jacob Hoekstra, Global CEO of Kilpatrick Group, and Mr. Riccardo Coli, International Client Director, were invited to a China-Italy Chamber of Commerce seminar in Beijing – the People’s Republic of China – on “Improve Your Work Performance & Excel in the Chinese Market.”

The seminar connected over 50 managers and professionals, mostly from China, who are eager to understand how to assess their managerial skills, measure their current performance, and advance their skills.

Mr. Hoekstra and Mr. Coli presented how Kilpatrick Group has worked with leaders and businesses in China and across the globe to build resilience and agility – vital skills to maintain optimal performance and productivity – find a new way to win the fight for talent. 

It has been a year since the Covid19 outbreak, some people have been affected harder than others, no matter what business they’re in. 

Over time, we developed concerns about maintain high productivity while working from home, understanding what kind of people we would want to work with, and finally analyzing what leadership style we should be looking at.

People and companies have the adequate skills and show exceptional resilience, have thrived. Growth of their profits both during and after Covid19 remain robust. 

The seminar’s Q&A session was challenging and filled with intriguing questions, such as: 

  • what are the key sectors people should be focusing on after Covid19? 
  • how can people improve their soft skills to impress at interviews / meetings with clients? 
  • how does Covid19 represent an opportunity and not a stop? 
  • how do we make ourselves indispensable in periods of crisis? 
  • how to manage failure?
  • what are the key features that make successful people different from others? 

Challenging questions come from a very brilliant and demanding audience at a very well-organized seminar.

Although it was impossible to find a “one-fits-all” kind of answer, Mr. Jacob Hoekstra and Mr. Riccardo Coli shared food for thoughts. 

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