Interest in working in Mexico, Miami, and New York is on the rise

Authors: Marco Tiozzo, Jaap Hoekstra

Are you looking for a change in your work environment? Are you interested in exploring new opportunities in exciting places? Or maybe you’re a company looking for a suitable location to open a new branch? Look no further than the growing workplaces in Mexico City, Miami, and New York.



Expanding Destinations

A recent study by Internations, the leading online expatriate community with over 4.5 million members worldwide, revealed that Miami and New York are among the most desired destinations for expatriates. Mexico City has also been ranked as the third best global destination to work and live abroad. Kilpatrick Executive Search has offices in Mexico City and Miami, with personnel working in all three cities. In particular, the Mexico team is experiencing rapid growth.

A recent trip to these destinations by our CEO Jaap Hoekstra and our Americas Director Marco Tiozzo Fasiolo confirmed the increasing interest. Marco Tiozzo Fasiolo stated, “Speaking with clients, including multinational corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises, we have noticed that many people are moving to Miami due to low state taxes, light regulations, and a business-friendly government, making the cost of living affordable for many middle and lower-class Americans. Meanwhile, with its strong economy and infrastructure, global workforce, and cross-sector innovation, New York City remains the business hub of the world for large enterprises.

On the other hand, Mexico City has become very popular among Americans who have the flexibility to work from anywhere. The city is close enough for travel back and forth from the United States (the average non-stop flight from Mexico City to New York or San Francisco takes between 4h 40m and 5h, while from Mexico City to Miami only 3h). However, the cost of living is much lower compared to the United States, and the city offers pleasant weather for most of the year.”

Main Attractions

There are several reasons why Mexico, Miami, and New York are experiencing this surge in popularity. In Mexico, 84% of expatriates report being happy with life in general, according to a CNBC study. Additionally, relaxed visa regulations and the city’s low cost of living make it an attractive choice for digital nomads. Furthermore, after the Covid-19 virus pandemic, China practically closed its doors to foreign investment, leading European companies to look to Mexico for investment opportunities. The free trade agreement between Mexico, the United States, and Canada has made it possible for European companies to manufacture in Mexico and sell and distribute their products in North America, further strengthening the region’s attractiveness.

According to studies, Miami is an easy city to settle in, with reliable internet access and cashless payment options, making it a preferred destination for businesses. Several technology and financial companies have relocated their operations to Miami during the pandemic, attracted by the warm climate and tax advantages.

New York, famous for its exceptional professional opportunities, has also become a popular destination for expatriates. Many claim to be satisfied with the local job market, personal career prospects, and accessible digital life.



Invest in these Growing Destinations

Investing in any of these expanding destinations could be your next big opportunity. If you need to hire top talent from the region, contact us.