Kilpatrick, announces the launch of a new dedicated branch, Kilpatrick Sports

Kilpatrick Sports aims to bring a refreshed approach to the sport industry with regards to executive search and human resources management practices providing access to top talents and new generation of executives of the global sports & media industry aligned to the radical change happening in the sector. 

Thanks to the combination of more than 20 years of sport management experience of our sports’ leading team with Kilpatrick’s 25 years of global HR expertise, we are offering something unique to sports industry. 

Kilpatrick Sports does not only provide top quality executive search services but also assists clients with human capital strategies making sure they align with their overall business strategies filling the gap in the contemporary sports industry where the quality, hard and soft skills will be the major factor in building future success.

Because we know sports business and because we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and operations, we are uniquely positioned to make a difference. 

Kilpatrick Sports will be headed by a team of international experts with an extensive experience in the international sports industry in management, media, events, rights management, governance, sponsorships and technical management.

Commenting on the announcement, Jacob Hoekstra, Global CEO of Kilpatrick Group said; “As the global sports industry develops, our intention is to evolve the traditional approach of ‘buying the best talent on the market’ into a more selective method in finding and growing skilled personalities with a game changer factor for the current worldwide sports industry scenario

In these unprecedented times, we are pretty much aware that there will be major changes taking place in many industries. Sport especially is a challenging one for it is expected that in the near future various components of the industry like media, competition formats, governance and alike, will upend the established sports management practices. Despite all the uncertainties that lie ahead, as Kilpatrick Group, we are excited to embrace these challenges. Therefore, we keep investing in new businesses, and sports being one that Kilpatrick Group is particularly enthusiastic about. 

Kilpatrick Sports’ team is ready for new partnerships and new and challenging projects to take on. Join us at the finals?