Kilpatrick Executive Search International Academy 2017: How to develop our best talents

By Monica Ferrario – Kilpatrick Academy Project Leader 


Kilpatrick Executive Search is glad to announce the launch of an International In-house Academy catering to the development of highly potential resources.

The initiative was instigated by the close relationship with and the on-going feedback from chief clients operating in international marketplaces and requiring specific, distinctive skills of the head hunters they liaise with.

Kilpatrick Academy is meant to fulfil the internal need to enhance the human resources’ professional skills as well as the need of the clients operating in varying marketplaces who envisage to partner with Kilpatrick as the only head hunter.

Pirelli and Whirlpool exemplify global businesses which have personally contributed to the development of shared strategies aimed to attract the best profiles on the market.

The initiative has been endorsed by the key talents of Kilpatrick Executive Search who represent the company’s branch offices in Europe, Asia and America.

The roadmap envisages a string of meetings and workshops to be held offline and via an interactive online platform.

Also, a series of Work Projects developed by cross-cultural teams and online training programs will sustain the development of Kilpatrick’s resources.

The challenge we face consists in holding brainstorming workshops aimed at boosting Kilpatrick’s innovative drive and competitiveness as partner to its clients.

This is the program of the event: