Kilpatrick Launches the first Survivor Assessment Format, on stage on April 20th

by Daniela De Marco Cazzani – Kilpatrick Group

Who is “The Talent” today? People who can spontaneously stand out and set themselves apart in a variety of contexts, roles, skills and show to be quick on the uptake.

In an ever-changing labour market, where roles are increasingly cross-functional, and the relentless internationalization process has produced cultural gaps calling for effective solutions, companies are continually searching for professionals possessing the so-called “hard and soft skills”, necessary to make the difference.

Kilpatrick Executive Search has set up the first, ground-breaking knock-out assessment format which allows genuine talents to stand out and showcase their capabilities, thereby highlighting a personality in line with the values endorsed by businesses looking for the managers of the future.

In partnership with the Master’s Degree Course in Human Resources Training and Development of the Bicocca University of Milan, on April 20th the University premises will host the first edition of this Assessment, named “Kilpatrick Survivor Assessment“. Designed to identify the future-generation manager, the event will submit a challenging one-day trial to all the candidates who feel confident enough to put their talent at stake.


The Rules of the Game

Like in a gaming/talent show, the Survivor Assessment will consist in a series of tailor-made challenges dealing with several skill clusters to be taken individually or in a team, critical thinking alongside analysis, relational, negotiation, problem-solving, business planning, public speaking skills and many others will be tested against real-life professional models submitted in high-pressure (and fun, too) environmental conditions. Gradually stricter assessment criteria will be applied to end with the appointment of one or more winners.

Every single test will designate a top performer defined “go on stage” and a bottom-ranking contestant defined “shape up“. Nobody will have to give up, as even the worst scorers will have the chance to improve their performance, all the way down to the final.


The output of this event will follow in the upcoming newsletter.