Kilpatrick “Steering Tomorrow” deeply renewing its communication approach

By Daniela De Marco Cazzani – Marketing & Communications Kilpatrick Executive Search


“Steer Tomorrow”, the new payoff is a metaphor about today’s necessity to gain extensive understanding of the market in order to lead it. This starts with correctly marketing your brand, in line with the vision of the promoters and shareholders.    


Steer Tomorrow”, is a call to action targeting companies and people who are able to inspire and drive change in an extremely complex context, while relying on creativity, vision, strategy, ability to invest in resources and making the most of talents.


In such a dynamic macroeconomic scenario, “Steer Tomorrow” means attracting the right Talent Today. People that are adaptive to the world of digital transformation. Leaders that understand cultural differences and are able to create winning teams remotely. Lastly, attracting Talent who focus more on their Job Content, rather than the Brand.


Answers to the right questions – the ones which keep you awake at night – is the first step to drive change. Hence, have you ever asked yourself if you are hiring the most talented candidates or the most available? As Akio Morita, founder of Sony, claims: “The future is in the hands of the people you hire today”.


Are you able to find people out of your comfort zone? Attracting people to other parts of the world is a totally different game, where marketing your brand is vital to even get to talk to top talent. If you are a “Hidden Champion” we love introducing you to the world!


This is the essence of the thoughts that confront you when you enter the brand-new website. Following the company’s extensive rebranding kicked off at the end of 2016, coupled with a new, contemporary and memorable logo, and matched by a payoff which is a declaration of intent, Kilpatrick completes its vision redesign.


We now boldly make a clearer statement of who we are and the full range of services we can provide you with.  The experience is designed to present a more intuitive, user-friendly interface and a more responsive layout. The space has been enriched with “Kilpatrick for You”, a comprehensive repository of articles and business insights, aggregated from international sources by our team of consultants. These contain subjects you might not notice otherwise, but which may be important in your personal or professional daily life.


For Kilpatrick, being in 15 different countries collecting news from “local” markets in places as diverse as Bangladesh or Dubai means providing information about intriguing local topics you care about. Our local consultants are able to tap into local nuances, and read into situations in a way that non local recruiters can’t. This is one of our strongest assets we offer you: a seamless consultancy service without barriers.


Our ultimate goal is to provide you with insights on the global challenges you face, and our communication tools are the first gates to reinforce the dialogue with you, with a more user-friendly interface and richer contents.


For this reason, we opened up a “Talent Gate” with a mind to empowering talents to connect with us and to face personal challenges. Kilpatrick is always interested in engaging executives looking for new opportunities with the aim of building up a relationship. In our Talent Gate you decide how you want us to access your personal profile: you can join us on Not Actively Looking, a confidential service where you can share personal information and your resume with us.

Finally, our fresh news about business and leadership, selected for you on a monthly basis, will enliven a friendlier “Magazine” section, where local information still has primary visibility in the “Life & Work” section. You can virtually travel from Dubai to Romania, land in India and then leave for Italy, having a snapshot of local businesses, politics, people, rules and regulations or just the latest developments in the industry.

With its new communication code, Kilpatrick eventually succeeded in matching its business vision with its image.