Rising interest in work destinations Mexico, Miami and New York

Authors: Marco Tiozzo, Jaap Hoekstra


Are you seeking a change of pace in your work environment? Interested in discovering new opportunities in exciting locations? Or perhaps you’re a company searching for a suitable location to open a new office? Look no further than the booming work destinations of Mexico City, Miami, and New York.


Booming destinations 

Recent research from Internations, the leading online expat community with over 4.5 million members globally, has shown that Miami and New York are among the most desirable destinations for expats. Mexico City has also been ranked as the third-best global destination for working and living abroad. Kilpatrick Executive Search has offices in Mexico City and Miami, and people working in all three cities. The Mexico team, in particular, is experiencing rapid growth.

A recent trip to these destinations by our CEO Jaap Hoekstra and Director Americas Marco Tiozzo Fasiolo confirmed the growing interest. Marco Tiozzo Fasiolo Speaking with clients, including multinationals and middle-sized companies, we note that people are relocating to Miami largely because of the state’s low taxes, and light regulatory and business-friendly government, all of which make the cost of living affordable for many lower- and middle-class Americans. Meanwhile, with its strong economy and infrastructure, global workforce, and cross-industry innovation, New York City is still considered the business center of the world for the large corporations.

On the other side, Mexico City has become very popular for those Americans who possess the freedom to work from anywhere. The city is close enough to travel back and forth to the US from Mexico (the average nonstop flight from Mexico City to NY or San Francisco takes 4h 40m – 5h, meanwhile from Mexico City to Miami only 3h). However, the cost of living is much lower than in the US and the city provides enjoyable weather for almost the entire year. “


Attraction Points

There are several reasons why Mexico, Miami, and New York are experiencing this increased popularity. In Mexico, 84% of expats report being happy with life in general, according to CNBC research. Furthermore, the city’s relaxed visa rules and low cost of living make it an attractive option for digital nomads. Moreover, following the Covid-19 pandemic, China has practically closed its doors to foreign investments, leading European companies to look towards Mexico for investment opportunities. The free trade agreement between Mexico, the US, and Canada has made it possible for European companies to produce in Mexico and sell and distribute their products in North America, further bolstering the region’s appeal.

Miami, is, according to research, easy to settle in, has reliable internet access, and cashless payment options, that has emerged it as a favoured destination for companies. Several tech and finance firms moved their operations to Miami during the pandemic, drawn by the warm weather and tax advantages.

New York, renowned for its exceptional career opportunities, has also become a popular destination for expats. Many report being happy with the local job market, personal career prospects, and accessible digital life.


Invest in these rising destinations 

Investing in any of these rising destinations can be your next big opportunity. If you need to hire the best talent in the region, contact Kilpatrick Executive Search. Alternatively, if you’re a professional looking for new opportunities, you can register in our database to be informed if our consultants see a match with your profile.