SMART HR Goals: Which Are the Most Important?

No matter the size of your company, it is important to have an HR department that can evolve and adapt. One way to do that is to set SMART HR goals. Implementing actionable goals is essential to attaining company-wide targets. In this article, we’ll help you set and achieve SMART HR goals, whether your focus is performance management, employee retention, or talent acquisition

What Is a SMART HR Goal?

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. A SMART goal serves as a marker of success when you’ve achieved the desired results. Using this framework for your HR department helps define what needs to be done.  

SMART Goals Applied to HR

When setting goals for your HR department, it is important to follow the SMART elements to ensure clarity, focus, and accountability. You have to be specific – the goal objectives should be able to answer the who, what, when, where, and why questions. For example, if the goal is to increase employee engagement within the company, then that should be indicated. 

The goal should also be measurable. If increasing employee engagement, by how many percent? Set a goal with a specific number that’s achievable within the timeframe and relevant to the company’s needs. 

How Can HR Benefit From SMART Goals? Why Should You Set HR SMART Goals?

While elaborate goals might seem impressive, they are often vague, difficult to track, and most likely unmeasurable. Thus, having SMART goals is more practical and produces better results

With a clear and attainable goal, your HR department will have structure and can improve its focus and performance. SMART goals give you a sense of direction, and the team will have a clear understanding of what to prioritize and how to work to achieve the objectives. 

With a SMART goal, you create a culture of accountability within the team, and you’re also able to deliver results to the upper management. It is easy to make people envision what a successful campaign looks like since you can offer tangible results. 

HR Goals Every Company Should Set 

SMART HR goals provide a strategic approach and a clear framework for HR professionals. It also gives you enhanced focus and better alignment of initiatives with the company’s goals. Here are some HR goals that you should set:  

  • Talent Acquisition and Retention. Your HR department needs a clear goal when it comes to attracting top talents and keeping seasoned employees happy. An example of such a goal is to achieve 10% growth in candidate database within three months or increase positive reviews on employer review platforms by 15%.
  • Revamp Employee Experience. One of your goals should be to help the company retain high-value employees and keep them engaged with a good work culture and environment. An example of a SMART goal is to increase employee engagement by 50% in the next 12 months. 
  • Improve Feedback Structure. Giving feedback to employees during performance reviews is important. However, giving feedback the wrong way can have bad results. So, instead of leaving employees with a negative feeling after a review, your next goal should be to motivate people. An example is to improve productivity by 10% by providing clear and encouraging feedback to employees.
  • Boost Company Culture. When a company has a great culture, the employees also have higher levels of commitment. An example of a SMART goal to improve company culture is to increase the percentage of workers seeing a positive working environment by 75% in the next six months. You can create a quarterly survey where employees can rate the workplace and how happy they are to work in the company. 
  • Improve Compliance With HR Laws. Your company must have an HR department that’s fully compliant with state and federal laws and regulations. An example of a SMART goal is to make the company 100% compliant with state and federal regulations and local labor laws. You can achieve this by conducting regular audits of the company’s HR procedures and policies. 

How Can Kilpatrick Help Companies in Setting SMART HR Goals?

Setting SMART HR goals is crucial on the company, team, and individual levels. With a clear goal, everyone knows where the company is headed and the progress made when it comes to human resources. If you need help in setting SMART HR goals for your company, our team at Kilpatrick Executive can help

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