Technology to stay ahead of the curve

Innovation Lifestyle Day, an event powered by Dagorà Lifestyle innovation hub, took place on March 13th in Lugano, with Kilpatrick Executive Search as one of its gold sponsors. The event proved to be an exciting gathering of leading innovators, creating opportunities for networking and offering valuable insights into the future of the lifestyle industry.

The opening remarks were delivered by Major Michele Foletti, Mayor of Lugano, who declared that Ticino is on its way to becoming one of the most important Innovation Lifestyle hubs. The event emphasised the importance of technological innovation as the driving force behind disruption, the way to stay ahead of the curve, working on sustainability, and attracting new generations.


Web3, NFT and Blockchain 

One of the themes that emerged from the presentations was the use of Web3, metaverse, NFT, and blockchain to attract Generation Z. In his presentation, Luca Ambrosini, CEO & Co-founder of Rubicon Studio SA, shared that $76 billion was spent on digital items in 2021 alone. The use of Web3 was highlighted as a means of strengthening the relationship with fans and attracting a young audience. Nike and Dolce Gabbana were two good examples of companies already applying products for sale based on NFTs.

Nike launched .Swoosh, a destination for virtual apparel and other NFT-based products, utilising Web3 technology to allow users to unlock real-world benefits such as exclusive physical apparel or chats with pro athletes. Dolce Gabbana launched Collezione Genesi, the first luxury NFT collection that involves both digital and physical works, truly bridging the physical and the metaphysical.

Another key theme was the importance of technological improvement and collaboration for sustainable improvement. Carlo Terreni, President of Dagorà, gave a presentation on disrupting forces and models to innovate the lifestyle sector. Investors globally are embracing ESG investing, with $33.9 trillion expected to be invested by 2026 (source: Forbes, PwC).

Saskia Günther, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Swisscom, emphasised the relevance of digitalization in the sustainability strategy. She stated that new generations of infrastructure are needed to reduce the impact of climate change, along with efficiency measures in current networks. For example, the use of 5G can have a positive impact on climate change. Companies are partnering to work on sustainability, such as Swisscom investing in Climate investments, life on land, B2B solutions, and collaborations with South Pole, Daphne Technology, FARM, Ecorobotix, Swiss Climate, and Sweep.

Hugo Boss, which experienced a significant decline in sales, carried out a major rebranding and partnered with HEIQ AEONIQ to make its products sustainable. HEIQ AEONIQ is a continuous Cellulosic filament yarn that can be produced at scale and recycled eternally without the loss of performance.

The Innovation Lifestyle Day was a fantastic opportunity to explore innovative ideas and future trends in the lifestyle industry, with an emphasis on sustainability and the importance of technological advancement.


A world-class combination in Executive Search 

At Kilpatrick, our unwavering focus on optimising organisational processes extends to harnessing the power of technological innovation. This dedication has led us to develop a world class blend between Executive Search, Dedicated recruitment services, human capital development and Digital HR services and Technology.


Some of our in-house Digital tools that can be customised to suit our clients are:

  • oneApp

An assignment management system, to keep 24/7 track of the search progress.

  • Digital Assessment

Understand strengths and weaknesses of the team to guide training strategies.

Fast and reliable background checks to make the hiring process seamless.

  • Video Interview

Automated video interviews to speed up the candidate screening process


At Kilpatrick, we are committed to providing our clients with a world-class experience that is enhanced by cutting-edge technology and bespoke solutions. Interested in what we have to offer as a company in Executive Search? Get in touch with us here.