Three attractive regions

Belgium is a federal State consisting of three regions: BrusselsFlanders and Wallonia.

Flanders and Wallonia are among the most attractive regions in Europe, while Brussels is in the top 10 major European cities in terms of infrastructure, quality of life and human resources.

The regions have a substantial degree of autonomy, making the Belgian State one of the most advanced in the world.

The regions’ responsibilities include: trade, economy, employment, industrial zones, agriculture, environment, …

Each region conducts a dynamic, made-to-measure economic policy and can provide you with free and confidential professional assistance with carrying out your business project.

Brussels-Capital Region

Brussels, as the capital of Belgium and of Europe, is one of the most cosmopolitan European cities. It is home to the European Institutions and a leading international business centre.




Flemish Region

Flanders is at the economic heart of Europe. Its strategic location and outstanding infrastructure mean that it is one of the wealthiest regions in Europe.




Walloon Region