Why stay on a headhunter’s radar even during the holidays? 

Authors: Palma Pallaria, Federica Perego.

The Christmas holidays are certainly a great time to treat oneself to a few days of well-deserved relaxation to recharge one’s batteries for the New Year.  Besides, you probably think that the holidays are not the right time to find a new job after all. However, there are several reasons, such as fewer applicants for jobs, hiring managers who need to meet their targets and good networking opportunities to go on job exploration especially during the holidays. 


To find out more, we asked our very own headhunters. Read on for their reasons to go job hunting during the holidays and how to have your profile ready for them. 


Benefits of job exploration during the holidays

One of probably the most obvious reasons to look for a new job precisely during the holidays is time. First of all ‘free time’, many of you will be off and by spending just an hour a day, you can already get a solid start on your job search. In addition, fewer people will be looking for jobs during this time of the year which might work in your favour. 


How do I make myself headhunt ready?

Since a job search is a job in itself, it is crucial not to underestimate any aspect of making your professional profile attractive to headhunters.

There is a mass of similar profiles on Linkedin. So it is crucial to focus on aspects that make your profile stand out and more interesting. 


Updating your CV and taking care of your LinkedIn profile are the most important steps to ensure you don’t come back unprepared in January. In doing so, remember to display all information as detailed as possible. Try to explain to the reader what skills you have acquired and what your strengths are, and make sure Social Media and CV match. Also take care of personal details (phone, email, address) and watch out for mistakes, these are small aspects that make all the difference to recruiters.


The holidays are a period of relaxation without deadlines and work-related stress. It is therefore important to use this time to implement your network (e.g. LinkedIn) and lay the foundations for developing professional relationships that might lead to your new challenge. 


Lastly, take the time to study the market, take a broader view and understand the direction the market is taking so that you can evaluate different options, aligned with your career path or your growth and career goals. After all, a headhunter works in the interest of both the client and candidate and will favour someone who knows what they want and therefore has a higher chance of staying with the company longer. 


Be seen by Kilpatrick’s headhunters 

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Authors: Palma Pallaria, Federica Perego, Marco Purita.