Values and Goals

We are agile, innovative and driven by passion for people with a natural focus on diversity.

At Kilpatrick, our values define who we are and how we do business. We believe in transparency, innovation, agile collaboration, and generosity, and are committed to creating a culture where each of us can be their authentic selves. Our team is driven by a passion for people, values diversity, and is committed to working together in a smart, innovative, and agile way. We believe that our diverse global team, representing different cultures, can gain a deeper understanding of both companies and candidates. With this understanding, we can bring their passions together, match companies with the right candidates, and make a meaningful difference.

Our commitments

Founded in 1997 the initial aim was to support Italian companies that were preparing to internationalise their businesses and needed to find managers and talents abroad. Today Kilpatrick has, as a headhunting firm, deeply grown roots in Europe, MEA, the Americas, Asean and China. With now 25+ years of experience, headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, we are globally committed to:

Headhunt Smart

Being a pocket-size multinational firm means fast decision-making; with our seamless ‘cross-border’ team we work agile together and bring diverse industry backgrounds, and local insights of a worldwide network together to drive innovation. We provide our experts with in-house technologies that match their needs and enable them to work smarter every day.

Stay authentic and transparent

We are committed to ensuring that our employees can always be their unique selves and feel free to express their opinions. At Kilpatrick, we give everyone who has a good idea the space to try it out and shape it. We are equally committed to our clients to be transparent and provide honest feedback during every stage of the project. We enjoy nurturing long-term relationships with our clients and candidates, allowing us to better understand your real needs.

Cross borders

We believe that to find the best talent, we need to look for our clients, locally and internationally. With an international team of around 80 employees, we cross borders and work closely together to bring the right skills to the right place.

Social Impact

As Kilpatrick we encourage our consultants to dedicate part of their time to career guidance for young professionals and to raise awareness on the topic of communication between generations. For example we presented at a neighbourhood community meeting, participated in research on the skill mismatch in Tuscany and have often presented on a diverse set of subjects at universities.

Work sustainable

We ensure that we offer equal opportunities in our selection processes and our shortlists of candidates are often very diverse in terms of gender, culture, and religion, as they consist of applications from different countries and diverse contexts. We believe that innovation arises from contamination and we are always the first to suggest to our clients to “think outside the box” and consider situations that differ from those experienced so far.

Besides our commercial objectives we are committed to making a positive social impact. Therefore Kilpatrick has taken to heart the challenge of intergenerational communication in the workplace, and is committed to addressing this issue through meetings and training sessions. Our goal is to create a culture of understanding and collaboration within companies and schools, while also providing support and guidance to young people as they navigate the professional world.

The Power Of Sustainable Business

The Power of Sustainable Business is an annual event organised by Kilpatrick that brings together CEOs and HR managers on the topic of sustainability.


Kilpatrick won the Panda d’oro Best Place to work awards 2023

We firmly believe that if you have things well managed within your own organisation, you can also apply the same principles to your clients. That is why we not only provide quality personnel to our clients, but we also take good care of our own employees and have excellent staff within our own organisation. Thanks to our commitment to employee well-being, creating a culture where each of us can be their authentic selves with flexible work arrangements and welfare benefits, we may pride ourselves with the prestigious Panda d’Oro ‘Best Place to Work Award’. This highlights the ability to deliver the same quality of staff and HR services to our clients.