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We were founded in 1997 with an impassioned vision to achieve two challenging goals – Providing exceptional talents to assure a unique “search experience”; and offering quality HR services to create value for our clients.

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From day one, we’ve always believed that the key to successful business relies on extraordinary people. What we do today, is continue to craft beautiful and unique job experiences and offer a renewed approach to providing organisations with exceptional talent and high-performance management.

Understanding your business’s global challenges

Our borderless approach lets us work seamlessly together to build authentic long-term personal relationships with our international clients and candidates. While our insights and resources at the disposal of every consultant we work with, brings maximum value to every single client.

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We’re smart, professional and personal, with seamless “cross border” teams, cutting-edge technology, research, local insights, meaningful knowledge of your challenges and needs, and real support at every stage of the project.

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Comprehensive, up-to-date articles and business insight, aggregated from global sources by our own specialist team of consultants.

5 September 2023

Managing Remote Teams: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Effective Strategies

It is no news that the Covid-19 pandemic came to revolutionise the planet and redefine

4 September 2023

Multigenerational Workforce: How to manage and overcome the challenges it creates

Jobs evolve, and so do the generations comprising them, yet they coexist within the same

29 August 2023

Employee Benefits That Matter Most: What Do They Really Want to Find in a Company and Why?

The last few years in the world have shown us that things have changed. In

25 August 2023

The Power of Anti-Fragile Leadership: Key Principles and Characteristics Explored

In this exclusive interview, we are privileged to gain insights from Cesare Ceraso, a highly

23 August 2023

Navigating Growth and Global Impact: My Kilpatrick Experience by Monica Ferrario

Embarking on a journey through time and growth, we sit down with Monica Ferrario, Client

23 August 2023

How Kilpatrick Delivers Digital HR Solutions to Businesses

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about digital HR solutions. Technology plays a

23 August 2023

Business Management Recruitment Agencies: What Are They?

Competition for the most qualified candidates is often a competitive, exhaustive, and time-consuming process. Not

23 August 2023

How AI Can Change the Recruitment Process

The release of ChatGPT in late 2022 felt like the digital equivalent of setting a

23 August 2023

The Role of the Interim Manager: A Guide to Interim Leadership in the Enterprise

In the ever-changing business landscape, companies are often faced with challenges and opportunities that require

23 August 2023

CEO Recruitment: What are the characteristics of a successful leader?

Recruiting a CEO is a crucial step in the success and direction of a company.

23 August 2023

Head Hunters: ¿Quiénes son y qué hacen?

En el ámbito de los recursos humanos y la contratación, los headhunters desempeñan un papel

22 August 2023

The Role of HR in Managing Expatriates

Finding effective ways to manage expatriates is integral to success in today’s global markets. This

22 August 2023

Why Is It Important to Have an Excellent Digital Reputation?

So much of our daily lives and decisions are recorded in the digital world. Our

22 August 2023

Who Is the HR Business Partner, and What Do They Do?

A flourishing human resources department includes a variety of roles and responsibilities. The HR business

22 August 2023

Gender equality in the workplace

Gender equality is a fundamental concept in the context of relations and human rights. It

22 August 2023

Safety managers at work: what is their role?

To ensure the safety and well-being of employees, many businesses entrust this responsibility to key

22 August 2023

Social Recruitment: helping companies find the best talent

In the digital world we live in, social media has assumed an increasingly important role

14 August 2023

Leading the Way in Manufacturing: An Exclusive Conversation with Eray Karaduman, Chief Human Resources Officer of Kordsa

In this insightful interview, we sit down with Eray Karaduman, the Chief Human Resources and

9 August 2023

The Importance of Corporate Organisational Culture

It is likely that more than once you have heard the term organisational culture and

7 August 2023

The Importance of Sustainability in Business

Corporate sustainability is a term in vogue, but it is worth taking a closer look

7 August 2023

Emotional Salary: Characteristics and Benefits

When weighing a job, it is possible that the first thing we look at is

7 July 2023

The Evolution of a Director: Marco Tiozzo’s Five Years at Kilpatrick

Marco Tiozzo, our Americas Director shared with us during this interview how he built the

6 July 2023

Creating a thriving international business, My Kilpatrick Experience with CEO Jaap Hoekstra

Jaap Hoekstra, together with Cristina Spagna, acquired Kilpatrick in 2003, and soon after, managing partner

3 July 2023

A great place to work creating a healthy organizational climate

In this article we explore the key elements that contribute to creating a healthy organizational

30 June 2023

Common Project Manager Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In the business world, increased competition means mistakes could be more costly than ever. Project

30 June 2023

Cultural Sensitivity in Global Business

The business world is more globally connected than ever before. These connections can open new

30 June 2023

The Role of HR in a Change Management Process

Every organization encounters change as part of its natural life cycle. These changes may be

23 June 2023

Tools for Measuring Corporate Sustainability

To start talking about business sustainability or corporate sustainability, it is necessary to understand that

23 June 2023

Exploring the Value and Advantages of Collaborative Work

What is collaborative work? Teamwork is usually a way of working that gives good results

23 June 2023

Leadership and teamwork dynamics: How to Achieve it Successfully

An organization relies on teamwork to function and to achieve its objectives. But a team,

21 June 2023

Managing Multiple Generations in the Workforce: Tips for Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Nowadays, companies have to manage teams made up of people from completely different generations, each

21 June 2023

Digital skills gap: What is it and How to Fight it?

In today's working era, digital skills are no longer a 'nice to have' but, rather,

20 June 2023

Fostering a Positive Attitude at Work: Tips for Managers

The workplace is a space where employees will spend their majority of hours each day.

20 June 2023

Disability and Work: A Possible Combination

We live in a time when inclusivity and diversity are at the centre of discussions

15 June 2023

Kilpatrick wins “Best Place to Work” award at the Panda d’oro Gala Awards organised by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce

We are thrilled to announce that Kilpatrick won the Panda d'Oro 'Best Place to Work

8 June 2023

Employee Onboarding Strategy

Onboarding is more than just a simple action; it is a comprehensive process that enables

7 June 2023

Insight into the unique ‘one team’ approach, My Kilpatrick experience with Claudia Paoletti

Claudia Paoletti, Managing Partner of Kilpatrick, has been an integral part of the company since

6 June 2023

From Clinical Psychology to Headhunting: My Kilpatrick Experience by Liz López

In today's competitive job market, finding the right talent can be a daunting task for

31 May 2023

Navigating Resume Gaps: Tips for Candidates and Managers During the Interview Process

Having a solid resume and job experience are beneficial when it comes to job hunting.

19 May 2023

How to foster creativity and innovation in a company?

Creativity is one of the most required skills in today's organizations. It is not for

19 May 2023

6 practical steps to implement a problem-solving process in your company

Interpersonal, strategic, contingent, constructive or even destructive problems. Conflicts in a company can be very

19 May 2023

Skills of a Leader: How to exercise good leadership

If there is one thing an organization's leader has, it is that he focuses on

19 May 2023

3 Effective Strategies to Support Employee Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we work, with stress and mental health

18 May 2023

How Cultural Diversity Affects Business Communication

As businesses and organisations become more global, the ability to effectively communicate with people from

18 May 2023

Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Management Roles

Modern businesses use information and communication technology (ICT) to streamline processes, communication, and data storage.

11 May 2023

Kilpatrick: Your Trusted Partner for Agile HR Solutions Since 1997

Kilpatrick is a renowned international company, specializing in People Solutions, that was founded in 1997.

5 May 2023

How to Calculate Staff Turnover and Manage it

Staff turnover is a common phenomenon in the world of work and can have a

5 May 2023

The Value Theory on Employee Needs

At a time when human capital is considered a key resource for a company's success,

5 May 2023

The Importance of Organisational Change Management for Managers

In an ever-changing world, managers are called upon to play a crucial role in organisational

3 May 2023

The Cost of Disgruntled Employees: How HR Can Improve Organizational Performance

Organizational performance is a top priority for every company, and it heavily relies on the

24 April 2023

How to face a job interview?

The job interview is one of the most important stages in the job search process.

11 April 2023

How to maintain a high level of job satisfaction

Finding and retaining talent in today's market is becoming increasingly difficult. This is why employee

5 April 2023

The role of an hr in business agility

What is business agility? Business Agility is the organisation-wide ability to respond quickly and cost-effectively

23 March 2023

Technology to stay ahead of the curve

Innovation Lifestyle Day, an event powered by Dagorà Lifestyle innovation hub, took place on March

16 March 2023

Building a Winning Talent Acquisition Strategy for the Digital Age

Attracting and retaining the right talent in a rapidly changing market can be a challenge.

15 March 2023

The Impact of Industry Changes and Work Ethics on Baby Boomers in the Workforce

Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are a generation that experienced significant economic growth

2 March 2023

Rising interest in work destinations Mexico, Miami and New York

Authors: Marco Tiozzo, Jaap Hoekstra   Are you seeking a change of pace in your

24 February 2023

My Kilpatrick Experience Alessandro: Navigating the Evolving Headhunting Industry, Diversity and Inclusion, and Candidate Trends

Alessandro Battini is a Client Manager in the Milan Team who has progressed his professional

23 February 2023

Senior Italian Managers Excelling in Global Business

Authors: Jacob Hoekstra, Marco Tiozzo Fasiolo Great managers with the right skills are hard to

14 February 2023

Gen Z and Millennials: Values are shifting and changing the future of work

The world of work is changing and so are the values of the new Generation

26 January 2023

Abandoning the recruitment process? 3 reasons and ways to do it right

It is important to maintain a good relationship with a recruiter, be it a headhunter

11 January 2023

Why stay on a headhunter’s radar even during the holidays? 

Authors: Palma Pallaria, Federica Perego. The Christmas holidays are certainly a great time to treat

11 January 2023

Rising Opportunities in the Asian Market, My Kilpatrick Experience by Aliya Zhamalbekova

Aliya Zhamalbekova is a Client Director who focuses on projects in the Asian Market. During

21 November 2022

The ‘Law of the return of brains to Italy’, opportunities and difficulties

As Kilpatrick has international hubs in various parts of the world, for years our clients

14 November 2022

Sustainability, a must also in Italy for those who want to attract talent

Author: Lucilla Incorvati  (Il Sole 24 Ore) More and more Millennials and young people of

20 October 2022

Business and Culture in India, a My Kilpatrick Experience by Manu

Manu Gupta is one of our Senior Consultants who  has been in the headhunting business

14 October 2022

Is Implementing ESG the Future for a Successful Business?

Originally ESG standards were introduced as a corporate social responsibility initiative by the United Nations

30 September 2022

How to Retain Engage and Motivate in a Rapidly Changing Job Market

How to retain engage and motivate in a rapidly changing job market    How to

13 September 2022

Broadening horizons, My Kilpatrick Experience by Claudio Bardone

Moving to a foreign country? Check. Learning a third language? Check. These are some of

18 August 2022

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Search

The rise of the global phenomenon known as ‘The Great Resignation’ is not over yet

12 August 2022

The 5 Most Common Reasons Employees Switch Jobs

We are currently surrounded by information on "talent retention", how to keep employees working with

1 August 2022

Retaining Talent Through Technology, Smart Solutions

by: Sofia Garduño for Mexico Business Talent Q: How has Kilpatrick's commercial proposition adapted and

1 August 2022

Industry 4.0 and the evolving role of the Facility Manager

New challenges and skills. What’s the Headhunter’s vision? The Facility Manager is an increasingly sought-after

19 July 2022

Building a Business Overseas: My Kilpatrick Experience by Marco Tiozzo Fasiolo

Marco Tiozzo Fasiolo, our Director of Americas, gave us his take on what it is

15 July 2022

5 Questions to Help Your Employees Find Their Inner Purpose

Author: Kristi Hedges How can leaders help employees find meaning at work? Organizations spend considerable

5 July 2022

Tecnica80 Leading the way for innovative technology worldwide

Tecnica80 is a family run company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and

30 June 2022

Create a culture of well-being in the workplace with professional medical coaching

The Pandemic has accelerated the challenges that companies have long posed to the health and

27 June 2022

Finding your ideal workplace, My Kilpatrick Experience by Marco Purita

Marco Purita, Client Manager at Kilpatrick started his career as an intern and grew to

2 June 2022

8 Ways Gen Z May Differ From Millennials in the Workforce

Author: Mia Barnes The pool of applicants is about to become even bigger than before.

31 May 2022

The 5 key characteristics of a successful start-up leader

The success of a project also depends on the excellent skills of the co-founder. Here

16 May 2022

Senior BD and Operations Manager Carlos Gomez shares his Kilpatrick experience in our fast-growing LATAM team

Carlos Gomez is our Senior BD and Operations Manager in Kilpatrick LATAM. Carlos joined the

10 May 2022

How Supportive Leaders Approach Emotional Conversations

Author: Sarah Noll Wilson The past two years of compounding emotional strain have made it

2 May 2022

Covid has changed the way we work

Author: Lisa Ciardi (La Nazione)   "Covid has changed the strategies and perspectives of workers

21 April 2022

From Junior researcher to head of Operations, My Kilpatrick Experience by Laura Cesati

Laura Cesati, the  Head of Operations  in Milan headquarters joined Kilpatrick 5 years ago as

12 April 2022

Onboarding Can Make or Break a New Hire’s Experience

Author: Sinazo Sibisi  and Gys Kappers   Although most of the rhetoric around the Great

5 April 2022

Cultural Intelligence is the hidden driver of your business

Author: Luisa La via, Multicultural and Leadership Coach (PCC - ICF) / Culture Intelligence (CQ)

5 April 2022

Bridge the gap, women at work

The topic of women in the workplace is one that is particularly important to headhunters.

5 April 2022

From England to Mexico, Meet Frederic Higgins

From England to Mexico, Frederic Higgins, International Client Manager at Kilpatrick LATAM, shares his Kilpatrick

17 March 2022

New challenges in the management and development of human resources

Confindustria Livorno Massa Carrara, Mar 16, 2022 The heads of Human Resources of Multinational Industries and

3 March 2022

Exclusive interview with Francesco Paoletti on retaining Gen Z talents

Generation Z is ‘the’ generation born after the birth of the web. Their passage from

25 February 2022

Work will never be the same: 4 critical areas of the future of work.

Authors: Deborah Lovich, Frank Breitling, Jonathan Feldman, Bharat Khandelwal, Chris Mattey, Prateek Roongta, Nick South, and Kristi Woolsey The best leadership teams have

25 February 2022

3 primary components that make employer brand irresistible for talents

Author: Bryan Adams Employer branding is gradually becoming more important in C-suite conversations, but it’s

16 February 2022

Employee recognition transforms company culture, here’s how

You know your team is exceptional. After all, you see them working hard for your

27 January 2022

How to Attract Top Talent in 2022

By Michelle Mahony A seismic change in how people view work and the meaning work brings

27 January 2022

A New Year’s Resolution For 2022: Deploying Your Skills To Lead Through Change

By David Michels “Change is no longer a project with a defined start and end.

27 January 2022

Year of Tiger Special: Five windows of opportunities in post-pandemic Asia

By Mckinsey Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship, Asia has remained relatively resilient, and

2 December 2021

Find Your Essentials – How to thrive in a post-pandemic reality

ESSENTIAL: adjective absolutely necessary; extremely important. The word “ ESSENTIAL” dominated our lives in the

9 November 2021

Outlook: the pharma sector in 2022 and its challenges on attracting and retaining talent

Attendees: Marco Ruggiero – General Manager, Chiesi Mexico Carlos Gómez – BD & Operations Manager,

27 October 2021

The future of healthcare – Inside the BioFuture Conference 2021

New York – At the start of October, Frederic from Bioprogress attended the inaugural in-person

26 October 2021

Come le risorse umane alimentano la crescita del business

Approfondimenti esclusivi dei leader aziendali della Toscana. Si è parlato di imprenditoria, di lavoro e

25 October 2021

How HR fuel growth for business

Exclusive insights from business leaders of Tuscany. Entrepreneurship, work and new challenges are the 3

4 October 2021

HR Best Practices

Kilpatrick chairs the debate for the round tables organised by Confindustria Livorno and Massa Carrara.

14 September 2021

The future of Mexico energy market: Inside “MEXICO ENERGY FORUM ECHO 2021”

By: Carlos Gómez & Luis Angel Centeno Mexico City – After the successful eighth edition

31 August 2021

Kilpatrick Global Office In Spotlight: Turkey

This month’s global office in spotlight is Kilpatrick Turkey. Established in 2016 in Istanbul. Kilpatrick

31 August 2021

How the rise of never-ending job interviews jeopardising attracting the right talents

How many rounds of interviews should it take for an employer to reasonably assess a

2 August 2021

Kilpatrick Global Office In Spotlight: Kilpatrick LATAM

Kilpatrick LATAM is the extension of Kilpatrick Executive Search, opened its door in 2016 in

19 July 2021

Kilpatrick expands its board with the appointment of Pietro Valdes

Kilpatrick Group welcomes Pietro Valdes to join as new board member.   Pietro brings over

10 June 2021

Headhunting: selection of candidates not actively seeking employment

Exclusive insights on Kilpatrick Shared by our International Client Director Stefano Gambardella.   Stefano Gambardella,

18 May 2021

Female is the future: women leaders in Latin America

Tatiana from Kilpatrick LATAM spoke candidly with Perla Buenrostro, the founder of Bolder Group on

28 April 2021

How to utilize the incentives by Italian government to attract international talents

A complete guide for Italian ex-pats and foreign talents to work in Italy. Our Managing

29 March 2021

Why Networking and teamwork are More Important Than Ever—and How to Do It Virtually

Why Networking and teamwork are More Important Than Ever—and How to Do It Virtually There

26 February 2021

3 Most Asked Questions to HR PROFESSIONALS and HEADHUNTERS one year after pandemic

How companies ATTRACT talents one year after COVID, and what are the main difficulties headhunters and HR professionals face right now?

25 February 2021

Improve Your Work Performance & Excel in the Chinese Market

By Jacob Hoekstra, Global CEO at Kilpatrick Group and by Riccardo Coli, International CLient Director

30 January 2021

Giving Critical Feedback Is Even Harder Remotely

Delivering constructive feedback is nerve-wracking in the best of times — most managers don’t want to crush

29 January 2021

Kilpatrick Global Team Continues to Grow!

Kilpatrick is pleased to announce that, despite the difficult times, the Group continues to grow! Today

29 January 2021

The Obstacle Course Of Headhunters In The Era Of The Pandemic

Most of company’s activities in this period have been, for obvious reasons, digitized and even

1 December 2020

Kilpatrick, announces the launch of a new dedicated branch, Kilpatrick Sports

Kilpatrick Sports aims to bring a refreshed approach to the sport industry with regards to

1 December 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Kilpatrick invests in Start-up Bakery By Cristina Spagna | Managing Director Kilpatrick Alessandro Arrigo

30 November 2020

Talent Risk: Growth’s Most Significant Threat

By Claudia Paoletti – Managing Partner Kilpatrick The evidence emerging from KPMG's 'Global CEO Outlook

2 November 2020

DESK SHARING: a win-win model for companies and staff.

By Stefano Gambardella | International Client Director The desk sharing concept is relatively new and surprising. We

2 November 2020

Landing and Starting a Job in Kilpatrick… virtually!”

By Tatiana Martinez Coto | Divisional Manager Starting a new job is always challenging, now

30 September 2020

Manager Sano in Corpore Sano

Physical activity is a fundamental part for our wellbeing, but it is often neglected due to work

30 September 2020

Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland - Press Release 24th of September, 2020

30 September 2020

Attracting and Converting Talent in the ‘New Normal’

By Claudia Paoletti | Managing Partner In the current candidate-driven market, salary alone isn’t always

15 September 2020


INTERVIEW TO CRISTINA SPAGNA, Managing Director Kilpatrick IL DIRIGENTE JULY/AUGUST 2020 There are those who,

31 August 2020

Innovation and leadership in the new normal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] A fundamental shift in how organizations need to create innovation and practice leadership is

31 August 2020

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Issues with Returning to Work Post-Lockdown

By Jacob Hoekstra – Global CEO Kilpatrick  As governments relax stay-at-home restrictions, organizations are starting

30 July 2020

Facing ‘New Normal’ Challenges: SENTIMENT ANALYSIS

By team Kilpatrick Digital Gabriele Volpi | Head of Digital Technology Supatchara Schuller | Big

30 July 2020


Webinar organized by Manageritalia Article by Claudia Paoletti | Managing Partner Kilpatrick On 15 July

30 July 2020

THE ASSOCIATIONS IN COVID-19 TIMES: The Strength of the Group

By Claudia Paoletti | Managing Partner Kilpatrick The essence of Associations of any type is

14 July 2020

From A Socializing Moment to An Educational Sharing System of Best Practices: The Morning Meetings of Kilpatrick Group

By Claudia Paoletti | Managing Partner  Like many other realities, in March our company had

30 June 2020

Data detectives and home working facilitators among future HR roles

By Ashleigh Webber on 29 Jun 2020 | Personnel Today HR data detective, work-from-home facilitator and algorithm bias

30 June 2020

Have Your Privacy Policies Kept Up with Your Digital Transformation?

by Cillian Kieran | Harvard Business Review For companies everywhere, Covid-19 has expedited digital transformation at

16 June 2020

The Main Skills Required of SME Managers to Face Change

Claudia Paoletti | Managing Partner Kilpatrick Executive Search Unlike many large multinational companies, long accustomed to working

1 June 2020

“Homecoming” – A New Professional Scenario

By Dario Brivio | CCO Kilpatrick Group Before the lockdown, we could say that many

1 June 2020

Selection & Recruitment: Story of a Completely Virtual Journey

Kilpatrick Group Success Case By Claudia Paoletti | Managing Partner & Laura Cesati | International Client

1 June 2020

Koelliker’s Approach to Practicing the Resilience of its Co-Workers

Exclusive Interview for Kilpatrick Group  By Claudia Paoletti | Managing Partner  The Koelliker Group, leader

1 May 2020

Impacts of COVID-19 In The Infrastructure Industry

How is the Industry responding to the Pandemic? Ranked as the No. 3 Highway Contractor,

30 April 2020

4 ideas to increase Millennial engagement in the company: video game theory

Generation Y (the Millennials) is agitating the days and sometimes even the nights of the "Heads" of

17 April 2020

Work-Life Myths That Hinder Newly Remote Teams

Remote work comes with its own stresses, and the road towards achieving a work-life balance

16 April 2020

Team Cohesion in Times of Covid-19: An Introspective Approach

By Claudia Paoletti, Managing Partner di Kilpatrick  A crisis can be a real blessing to

31 March 2020

New Behaviors to Embrace During the Covid-19 Period

By Monica Ferrario - Country Manager Switzerland - Head Hunter & Business Coach - Kilpatrick

31 March 2020

Preparing for the impact of the new talent economy in the digital age

From digitalhrtech.com The biggest challenge of the growing digital economy is building a digital-ready workforce

31 March 2020

You’re Not Powerless in the Face of Uncertainty

By Nathan Furr - hbr.org Between disruption and the ongoing pandemic, we are all trying

11 March 2020

From Smart Working to Smart TEAM Working

by Claudia Paoletti - Kilpatrick Executive Search Managing Partner How to improve performance working from

29 February 2020

Use This Framework to Predict the Success of Your Big Data Project

By Carsten Lund Pedersen and Thomas Ritter – the HBR.org Big data projects that revolve around exploiting data for

29 February 2020

Is Technology Subsuming Marketing?

By Shivaram Rajgopal [Professor of Accounting and Auditing and Vice Dean of Research at Columbia

29 February 2020

The Skills Gap Analysis – A Full Guide

From digitalhrtech.com In a time where companies experience a rapidly growing need to re-and upskill

14 February 2020

Recruitment Tech: 3 Key Areas Pipeline Automation Enhances

By Adam Gordon – digitalhrtech.com Recruiting automation technology brings a lot of opportunities to talent

31 January 2020

Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Workplace Are Taking Over: And We Better Take Notice

by Josh Bersin · Digital HR tech Let’s face it, the paradigm of email is broken. Research

31 January 2020

2020 employment trends from HR practitioners

By Sophie Parrott – HR Grapevine  New Year, new plan. Each year, different HR trends

31 January 2020

How New Human-Machine Collaborations Could Make Government Organizations More Efficient

From the Hbr.org Most of today’s jobs will not be here tomorrow. The World Economic

15 January 2020

Predicting Employee Turnover using Machine Learning

by Gabriele Volpi - Head of Digital Technology, Kilpatrick Digital Predicting employee turnover is a

6 December 2019

The future of customer loyalty is digital

Certainly, at a time when competitors are multiplying and offers are increasingly diversified, companies must

2 December 2019

How Technology Is Transforming Executive Coaching

Extract from HBR.org article Years ago, executive coaching was stigmatized as “remedial help for underperformers.”

27 November 2019

Why invest in Thailand: entrepreneurs met the Board of Investment

Today more and more companies decide to aim at Thailand to gain new market shares

22 November 2019

IT Director: The Necessary Skills To Succeed. The perspective of the Headhunter

by Riccardo Melocchi - International Team Leader at Kilpatrick The times of the old figure

1 November 2019

What eight presidents who weren’t elected can teach us about leadership

By Jena McGregor – The Washington Post EOs who find time in their busy schedules

1 November 2019

The Two Big Reasons That Digital Transformations Fail

By Mike Sutcliff, Raghav Narsalay & Aarohi Sen – the HBR.org Plenty of cash is

1 November 2019

Gamification in the Workplace: Stats, Engagement, and Examples

From Digitalhrtech  Elements of gamification have well and truly found their place in our personal

16 October 2019

FT envisions Nobel Prize for managers

by Kieran Howells  – HR Grapevine  The Nobel Prize awards are some of the highest accolades

4 October 2019

Revealed: these are the UK’s happiest professions

by Sophie Parrott – executivegrapevine.com Landscaping (86%), dog walking (78%) and counselling (74%) were ranked

4 October 2019

What is needed from HR technology to facilitate the Workforce of One?

by Rob van Dijk - analyticsinhr.com A growing body of experts is of opinion that

4 October 2019

The Missing Ingredient in Kraft Heinz’s Restructuring

by John P. Kotter & Gaurav Gupta - the HBR.org There has been a company

15 September 2019

The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

by Scott Brinker and Laura McLellan - the HBR.org Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the

31 August 2019

Apple jettisons workers hired to ‘listen in’ on Siri users

From executivegrapevine.com With the advent of GDPR and rising speculation over the privacy policies of

31 August 2019

These are the brands with the world’s hardest job interviews

From executivegrapevine.com Interviews are always a daunting prospect, but with these companies it is much

31 August 2019

How Microsoft Builds a Sense of Community Among 144,000 Employees

By Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter and Kathleen Hogan – the HBR.com As organizations become increasingly

30 August 2019

4 Ways to Help Your Team Avoid Digital Distractions

Today’s smartphone users check their phones 150 times a day, which is the equivalent of spending 2.5 hours a day just opening and closing the phone. A single text message, which takes approximately 2.2 seconds to read, can double error rates on basic tasks; even worse, workers find that it takes an average of 11 minutes to get back into the flow of the previous task. Our phones have become compulsions, rather than tools of efficiency.

31 July 2019

McDonald’s, Uber and Johnson & Johnson no longer have chief marketing officers — here’s what that means

By Lucy Handley – cnbc.com This week, McDonald’s announced that its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Silvia

31 July 2019

How to Reskill for the Workplace of the Future

From digitalhrtech.com It’s no secret that today’s jobs are quickly evolving and that in the

31 July 2019

The Innovator’s DNA

By Jeffrey H. Dyer, Hal Gregersen and Clayton M. Christensen  - The HBR.org  “How do I

15 July 2019

4 Ways to Help Your Team Avoid Digital Distractions

Today’s smartphone users check their phones 150 times a day, which is the equivalent of spending 2.5 hours a day just opening and closing the phone. A single text message, which takes approximately 2.2 seconds to read, can double error rates on basic tasks; even worse, workers find that it takes an average of 11 minutes to get back into the flow of the previous task. Our phones have become compulsions, rather than tools of efficiency.

29 June 2019

Top 50 CEOs of 2019 according to employees

By Oliver Bourton - Executive Grapevine International Ltd  Glassdoor has released their survey from employees

29 June 2019

5 Ways HR and IT Can Work Together to Create Great Employee Experiences

From HBR.org   Human resources executives know firsthand that it’s impossible to deliver amazing employee experiences in

29 June 2019

Businesses Predict Digital Transformation to Be Biggest Risk Factor in 2019

By Mengqi Sun – The Wall Street Journal  Board members and executives are particularly focused

17 June 2019

BFK Digital sponsors the Women in eCommerce workshop

By Daniela De Marco Cazzani - Kilpatrick Executive Search  Organized on June 5thby the NetComm Suisse Observatory at

30 May 2019

Are You Ready to Go Freelance?

From HBR.org Do you know the skills you need to work for yourself? “The work,

30 May 2019

The World in 2030: Nine Megatrends to Watch

By Andrew S. Winston - founder of Winston Eco-Strategies    Where will we be in

30 May 2019

The Italian Youth’s Exodus

By Claudia Paoletti - Managing Partner Kilpatrick Executive Search Based on the Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report

15 May 2019

What can an HRD Manager do to enhance an organization’s innovation capability?

By Michele Cordano - Student in Human Resources Management, Lancaster University  What can HRD Managers do

16 April 2019

Digital Disruption Is a People Problem

By Gerald C. (Jerry) Kane - professor of information systems at Carroll School of Management

29 March 2019

BFK Digital sponsors the second Fashion Innovation Week in Lugano

By Daniela De Marco Cazzani - Kilpatrick  The Event will bring together the world’s leading fashion

15 March 2019

Top 9 Digital HR Tech Trends for 2019

By Neelie Verlinden - Digital HR Tech  Whenever I hear the word ‘trend’ I tend to

28 February 2019

Kilpatrick and BFK launch BFK Digital: an ecosystem of excellence in the digital world leveraging on People

By Daniela De Marco Cazzani - Kilpatrick  In a market going increasingly digital, Kilpatrick and BFK

18 February 2019

Claudia Paoletti at Officina Italia RAI3 speaking about talent

How to scout the best talents, the role of women in the job world, their

30 January 2019

People working two, three or more jobs

By Andrea Stern   Woman aged 40 to 54 years old, Swiss: that’s what the typical

30 January 2019

Employment challenge: integrating employees and the industry 4.0

By Milena Bello Manual skills and IT, craftsmanship and technological innovation. Like in every other

29 January 2019

Artificial Intelligence To Create 58 Million New Jobs By 2022, Says Report

By Amit Chowdhry - Forbes Machines and algorithms in the workplace are expected to create 133

15 January 2019

The Procurement Manager: what skills to stand out?

Last November Richmond Italia held the Procurement Manager Forum at Grand Hotel of Rimini. Claudia

18 December 2018

Kilpatrick Group SA invests in BFK to spot the best digital talents

By Daniela De Marco Cazzani - Kilpatrick  In a fashion market going increasingly digital, Kilpatrick responds

30 November 2018

Mexico. Border students are shaping the future with technology and innovation

By Miguel Fernandez - The Huffington Post Expanding access to clean water and other natural resources.

30 November 2018

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America’s Biggest Companies

By Natalie Kitroeff and Jessica Silver-Greenberg – The New York Times Many pregnant women have been systematically

30 November 2018

Diageo CEO: ‘Diversity makes us a better business’

From Executive Grapewine On Monday Diageo’s CEO was recognised by the Women’s Business Council as

15 November 2018

The Approach to Hiring Executives: The Head Hunter’s View

By Claudia Paoletti - Managing Partner Kilpatrick When it comes to recruiting the best executive for a

31 October 2018

Research Shows Immigrants Help Businesses Grow. Here’s Why

By Nataly Kelly It has been well documented that immigrants contribute disproportionately to entrepreneurship. This is

31 October 2018

Indian IT companies bullish on hiring plans for next 6 months: Report

From The Economic Times – India The Indian IT industry is bullish about its hiring plans

31 October 2018

If you only hire people within your industry, you’ll never be smarter than anybody else in your industry

If you want to make change happen and stimulate new ideas within your organization you

15 October 2018

Staying Focused in a Noisy Open Office

By Rebecca Knight – The Harvard Business Review Let’s face it: The open office can

29 September 2018

How Instagram Rose Into a Cultural Powerhouse

By Daniel Victor  – The New York Times When Justin Bieber posted on Instagram for

29 September 2018

Invest more in Bangladesh

From the Daily Star  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the US businessmen to invest more

29 September 2018

Consob: women in the boardroom contribute to companies’ profitability

By Monica D'Ascenzo - Il Sole 24 Ore It all comes down to margins and

17 September 2018

The top 20 cities for young entrepreneurs

Millennial entrepreneurs looking for a place to found their start-up might want to consider looking

31 August 2018

Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work

by Priya Fielding-Singh*, Devon Magliozzi** and Swethaa Ballakrishnen*** To get ahead in the workplace, you have to

31 August 2018

Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures”

by Melissa Daimler* “We have a great culture.” We have all heard it. We have

31 August 2018

Lincoln and the Art of Transformative Leadership

by Doris Kearns Goodwin* Do the times make the leader, or does the leader shape

17 August 2018

Which tech giant offers the best interview experience?

Candidates at Apple should “expect to be turned away a few times” and know that

31 July 2018

Interim Management Myth: To get the best candidates, you should engage many interim providers

From Executive Grapevine Hiring an interim is becoming unnecessarily complex. Put ‘interim management’ into search-engines and hundreds

31 July 2018

Stress and organizations: shedding light on the (real!) causes beneath stress-ridden businesses

by Leonardo Paoletti - AdActa Consulting  Every day I read in the press and in

31 July 2018

Appointing diverse Interim executives can be the catalyst for broader organisational change

From Executive Grapevine The business case for diversity is now established beyond doubt. Organisations that form teams of mixed gender,

18 July 2018

Kilpatrick Solutions, a Business Unit of Kilpatrick Group, is born

By Stefania Bertoglio - Kilpatrick Solutions Managing Director    Kilpatrick Group has strategically established its HR

15 June 2018

When You Start a New Job, Pay Attention to These 5 Aspects of Company Culture

By Allan H. Church and Jay A. Conger* - The hbr.org When you join an organization,

31 May 2018

Italy grows thanks to Industry Plan 4.0

From Invest in Tuscany - investintuscany.com  The Industry Plan 4.0 encourages foreign investment in our

31 May 2018

Building Your Own Network When You’re Part of a Family Business

By Josh Baron and Judy Lin Walsh Ashley Fina’s grandfather was a natural networker. As the founder

31 May 2018

5 Forces Shaping the Future of HR

By John Boudreau What economic, social and workplace forces will be most pivotal in affecting

16 May 2018

Kilpatrick HR Solutions is proud to present you the new service named “Survivor Assessment”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CbiJEQKXB0&feature=youtu.be"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kilpatrick HR Solutions is proud to present you the new service named "Survivor Assessment"

30 April 2018

4 Low-Cost Perks for Small Businesses to Attract Top Talent

By Lauren Dixon - senior editor Talent Economy As the competition for talent increases and

30 April 2018

Today’s career: the Head Hunter’s perspective. LUISS Business School hosts Kilpatrick

by Claudia Paoletti – Managing Partner Kilpatrick   Against the beautiful setting of Villa Blanc, Rome,

30 April 2018

Kilpatrick puts on stage the first Survivor Assessment Format with Bicocca University

by Daniela De Marco Cazzani – Kilpatrick Group   Who is "The Talent" today? People who can

17 April 2018

Kilpatrick Launches the first Survivor Assessment Format, on stage on April 20th

by Daniela De Marco Cazzani – Kilpatrick Group Who is "The Talent" today? People who can spontaneously

29 March 2018

Finding Executive talent in an age of digital transformation

by Tom Royal – Dagorà magazine for Fashion Innovation Week Jacob Hoekstra, Global CEO at

29 March 2018

Kilpatrick interviews Digital Fashion Leaders on the stage of LAC at Fashion Innovation Week

Based on their long-standing background in the Executive Search market, Kilpatrick chose to turn their

29 March 2018

On March 26th Innovation met Fashion on LAC stage in Lugano

From fashioninnovationweek.com The Innovation Meets Fashion event, pinnacle of Fashion Innovation Week 2018, attracted over

16 March 2018

Kilpatrick and Digital Fashion Leaders bring innovation on the stage of LAC

The Fashion Innovation Award is a call to Innovation aimed at existing companies and start-ups

1 March 2018

Good Mentors Help You work Through Strong Emotions

by Kenneth Andersson* - HBR When I was 25, during my annual review my (male) boss

1 March 2018

The surprising psychometric profile of an HR leader

By Robert Jeffery - People Management After psychometrically assessing a group of HR's leading lights, we

15 February 2018

The importance of feedbacks… especially when it is negative ones

By Leonardo Paoletti - Partner, AdActa Consulting* Do you remember the frame of the movie

31 January 2018

Examining Skills Gap Perceptions

While a skills gap is widely acknowledged, perception of it varies among industry, rank, generation

31 January 2018

Perfectionism Is Increasing, and That’s Not Good News

According to the World Health Organization, a record number of young people worldwide are suffering

31 January 2018

Kilpatrick sponsors the fifth edition of the Fashion Innovation Award

The Fashion Innovation Award is a call to Innovation aimed at existing companies and start-ups

17 January 2018

The partnership between Kilpatrick and the Leeds Beckett University evolves into a case study

In the next few months, a first important research activity (a pilot case study) will

30 November 2017