Steer tomorrow means attracting the right talent today


Kilpatrick is a distinguished firm specializing in headhunting and HR services that prioritizes personal contact with clients and delivers reliable results through in-house technology. We believe that excellence must be cultivated within our own company before we can deliver it to our clients. Our commitment to employee well-being is reflected in the welfare benefits and flexible work arrangements we offer, creating a positive work environment that leads to better outcomes for clients. Kilpatrick is a united team that operates from different countries, always striving to bring out the best in ourselves and each other.

What we do

Global expertise. Local insight. Boutique service.

Established in 1997, Kilpatrick offers over 25 years of excellence in Executive Search and HR Services. We specialize in identifying and placing extraordinary talent for our diverse clientele across Europe, MEA, Americas, ASEAN, and China. Our core focus has never changed –we firmly believe that the key to successful businesses relies on extraordinary people. We deliver a tailored approach to each client, combining our global expertise with local knowledge to find people who are perfect for the job and great for the business.

For whom is Kilpatrick?

Kilpatrick was founded to support companies preparing to internationalise their business and seeking managers and talent outside their comfort zone. Ever since, Kilpatrick has established such strong roots in Europe, MEA, the Americas, Asean and China that we are available for any mid-sized company to large multinational worldwide in all industries in need of our HR services and solutions. Our 25+ years of experience in business have allowed us to develop a vast personal network, which we have combined with a global talent database. This enables us to make diversity and inclusion a core competency, and to effortlessly source the perfect talent from around the world.

How do we achieve success?

We activate our extensive personal network, built up in over 25 years of experience in the HR industry. No matter if it’s in Italy, the US or Asia, we’re able to ask our peers for insights and to recommend the best people. Developing a tailored search strategy – knowing the competitiveness of the specific industry and the difficulties of engaging prospective candidates to avoid “more of the same” results. Delivering effective marketing strategies – to ensure we reach the most suitable candidates. Offering incisive Client Management with 24/7 Support via oneApp – with a dedicated Account Manager working closely together with our clients to monitor the process all done via our own digital platform, oneApp. Using cutting-edge and tailored in-house digital solutions to optimise organisational processes as well as evaluate and present candidates seamlessly.

Why Choose Us

At Kilpatrick, we know that the key to a successful business relies on extraordinary people. That is why we are committed to finding the talent that fits the job and getting the best out of all employees. Whether you are looking for talent inside or outside the country, at senior or mid-level, and for one or multiple roles, you can count on us to find the right candidate. With our advanced digital solutions, our expert global team covers your needs from pre- to post-placement.

Kilpatrick won the Panda d’oro Best Place to work awards 2023

We firmly believe that if you effectively manage your own organisation, you can also apply the same principles to your clients. That is why we not only provide quality personnel to our clients, but we also take good care of our own employees and maintain an excellent staff within our own organisation. Thanks to our commitment to employee well-being, creating a culture where each of us can be our authentic selves with flexible work arrangements and welfare benefits, we may pride ourselves on the prestigious Panda d’Oro ‘Best Place to Work Award’. This highlights the ability to deliver the same quality of staff and HR services to our clients.

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