At our hub in China innovation meets opportunity in the heart of Shanghai’s historic Huangpu District. The team has a big network continually growing due to the many prestigious business events and we’ve harnessed the efficiency of this thriving market to facilitate successful business expansions.


China, Shang Hai Shi, Huang Pu Qu, 九江路686号 邮政编码: 200001

+86 186 1612 8934

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Hub Leaders

Andrea Spiriti Director ASEAN

Working in China

Working in China offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation. As a professional contemplating a move to this dynamic country, you’ll find a landscape defined by remarkable economic growth and efficiency. China has firmly established itself as a global business hub, offering abundant opportunities for career growth and development. Networking and relationship-building play a crucial role in the Chinese work culture, with a strong emphasis on building professional connections. China’s culture is rich in rituals, celebrations, and a deep respect for traditions, offering a fascinating backdrop to your professional journey.

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