Digital HR Solution and Technology

“People, before technology, drive Digital Transformation”

Here at Kilpatrick, we’re deeply focused on people-digital transformation. We do this by helping clients who are engaged in embracing digital opportunities, to secure and develop capabilities, processes and programs enabling digital strategy.

How do we keep up with digital transformation?

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the way we work, and HR is no exception. At Kilpatrick, we understand that keeping up with this transformation is crucial to providing our clients with the best possible service. Digital transformation is essential because it allows companies to work more efficiently, automate repetitive tasks, and access data-driven insights that enable better decision-making. 

To keep up with digital transformation ourselves, Kilpatrick has a permanent Digital Transformation Manager in place, who works closely with our IT team to manage and continuously improve our in-house digital tools. The Digital Transformation Manager bridges the gap between the consultants and our IT team to make sure that our technical solutions are seamlessly integrated into the work of our consultants. Additionally the head of digital transformation develops and provides in cooperation with marketing the needed training and reference materials.

We focus on the most important asset of a company: People

People and their capabilities are the first engine of digital transformation. We believe People are the prime enabler of any digital-native business model and technology-based opportunity.

We provide and orchestrate all the enabling capabilities of digital transformation

To exploit digitalization in HR processes and to strengthen and fasten digital transformation programs through people-focussed open innovation.

We deliver services to adapt organisational design and people skills

To improve people’s engagement and motivation, and to shape companies’ working models to the new challenges arising from the upcoming scenario. Our services are data-driven and are fuelled by the latest generation technologies and analytics. Some of our in-house Digital tools that can be customised to suit our clients are:


oneApp is an assignment management system that allows our employees and clients to track the progress of searches 24/7. With oneApp, clients can have visibility into the contacted candidates and later access a short-list of the proposed candidates. Finally, oneApp provides access to our various other digital solutions.

Digital Readiness

Digital Readiness is a tool that helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees within an organization, understand them, and develop training strategies. The client has real-time visibility through a clear dashboard of the progress of the investigation and receives a detailed report at the end.

Check it Easy

Check it Easy is a fast and reliable background check tool that completes the hiring process. Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely solely on automation, but also perform manual checks to provide reliable results to the client. With Check it Easy, we can quickly and efficiently verify candidates’ employment history, education, and other references, allowing us to make informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of hiring candidates with a false background.

one-way Video Interview

The one-way Video Interview is an automated video interview tool that speeds up the candidate screening process. With one-way Video Interview, we can efficiently screen candidates remotely, allowing us to save time and resources while still ensuring that we identify the best candidates. Candidates can complete the interview at their convenience, and our team can review the videos and select the most promising candidates for further consideration.

Our other solutions