From England to Mexico, Meet Frederic Higgins

From England to Mexico, Frederic Higgins, International Client Manager at Kilpatrick LATAM, shares his Kilpatrick Experience


How did you end up working for Kilpatrick? Can you share the moment or one fact that made you realize Kilpatrick is the place for you? What do you like about working at Kilpatrick?

I joined the Kilpatrick team in June 2021, so I’ve been here for about ten months or so. It’s quite an interesting story. Carlos, who is part of the LATAM team, is friends with my wife. They were looking for someone who could help with US-based projects. I had the interviews and was interested right away, I was ready for the challenge and adventure. Three weeks later I was hired. My time at Kilpatrick has been great since the beginning. I really enjoy the freedom and variety of projects that I have been a part of. For example, I have been able to travel to New York to attend a BioProgress event and worked on assignments within the Life science industry, manufacturing, and logistics. 


Can you share with us some of the professional highlights or achievements at Kilpatrick? 

Some of my greatest achievements to date have been working on one of the biggest projects that Kilpatrick has ever taken on. My role is to manage and coordinate this project, it is definitely a challenging experience but I am very grateful that Kilpatrick believes in me to do well leading it. 


What is it like being an international/foreign professional working for a very multicultural team? 

It’s very exciting being British and working here in Mexico. Things are done a little differently than in the UK. There is more micromanaging as opposed to here where there is a lot of trusts.  A lot of the time I am being pushed to achieve goals in a shorter period of time which has taught me how to be as efficient as possible. 


How do you juggle working on transnational projects with an international team? 

I think the main example I have regarding this is the Bioprogess project where I have been able to work alongside an international team with people from Sweden, Italy, Greece, and Hong Kong. Despite the challenge that comes along with coordinating the time zones, getting to work together has been very effective. On a personal level, I really enjoy getting to meet new people and learn about their cultures in a way I never had before. 


What would be a piece of advice that you would give to someone who is aspiring to work abroad?

There is an adaptation period that is very difficult at the start but, once you get through it everything becomes easier and the growth on both a professional and personal level is very rewarding. Working abroad definitely makes you stand out and will continue to challenge you constantly to the point where you can handle change without hesitation. Understanding/researching the culture you are interested in working in is definitely one of the fastest ways to get ahead of the learning curve and get used to the environment. For me, mastering how work is done in Mexico and what is expected of it in this particular market has made me think in ways I couldn’t have imagined before.


What is your favorite part about living in Mexico City?

When people hear about Mexico City and that it has 20 million inhabitants ,it can sound overwhelming but surprisingly I have found so many peaceful and quiet areas that make you forget you are even in a city. I love walking around Condesa and Roma areas, seeing the beautiful architecture and streets. But the part I enjoy the most is the Food. Compared to what I’m used to, it is insane. The quality of the food and variety is endless and I love going to new places with friends. 


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