“Homecoming” – A New Professional Scenario

By Dario Brivio | CCO Kilpatrick Group

Before the lockdown, we could say that many of us had two places to call “home”. On one hand, our house where we conducted our private life, hanged with our family, friends, performed our hobbies, spent free time and on the other hand, an office where we led our professional life, did our duties related to our job role but also bond with our colleagues, bosses, team members or clients.

Until now, these two places usually were kept apart and our everyday life was managed among one and the other while trying to find and keep the proper balance between them. However, we were suddenly and unexpectedly forced to merge these two main aspects of our regular lives, so our house became our office and our office became our house.

It has been disruptive and tough, we have been compelled to find a new balance, new behavioural rules, new working methodologies, new paces of life. And in one way or another… we actually made it happen! 

Today, we find ourselves in the situation of having to reshape our lives yet again and this time to resume the now “old ways”. Who would have thought that coming back “home”, the professional one, would be also disruptive? Weren’t we used to that life? Wasn’t it the normality? Definitely we are not the same as we were before… we have also been reshaped even if it wasn’t completely conscious. 

Today more than ever, it is a proven fact that people are the key to success for any company. In a context this unprecedented, complex and with new challenges, companies need their teams to be 100% performing in order to overcome the difficulties of this renewed market framework.Indeed, we see companies reshaping their business model, cutting costs or just reducing expenses, developing new products & services, some are digitalizing their processes, some are investing in technology while others are thinking about re-defining their organization… whatever it takes to prevail amidst the economic and social impact of the global pandemic. At the end, all of this comes back to people, there’s no other way. 

Surely, at this point wise leaders must ask themselves some questions and raise key issues regarding their co-workers and the homecoming

Are they really ready to come back to the office place? How did they feel during lock-down? How do they feel today? What are they expecting tomorrow from a professional point of view? From the company perspective, how do leaders should manage the re-integration of their collaborators? What do they have to do to make them over-perform? How a new professional organization should look like? Which new procedures would need to be developed? 

Kilpatrick Group, being an international firm cross-functionally operating in multiple segments and business, has a privileged eye on the market and works closely with its clients aiming to understand their needs while providing professional support and customized solutions in order to help them achieve their goals.

For this purpose, and taking into consideration the current framework, we have developed the Homecoming HR Services, that allows companies to understand and decide specific measures while transforming the organization into a “listening”, resilient, distributed (home/office), digital and networked working machine. 

Homecoming HR Services are powered by the latest generation data science and analytics, with fully customizable interfaces, and covering the full cycle of data management, evaluation, improvement measures and their execution. 

Sentiment Analysis – to listen to and understand how the employees felt during the lock-down

Smart Resilience Focus – to highlight and empower the critical skill to succeed in the new scenario

Employees Re-Engagement – to efficiently re-integrate the team and bring it to the next level 

Digital Skills Boost – to trace and expand employees’ digital attitude and capability Hybrid Organizational Re-Design – to define a new flexible and efficient organization, well balanced between work on the field and remote work