HR Best Practices

Kilpatrick chairs the debate for the round tables organised by Confindustria Livorno and Massa Carrara.

The Kilpatrick Team has always been responsive and attentive to all HR issues and evolution with respect to market trends. Our job offers a privileged observatory that allows us to interact with companies and candidates on a daily basis. We are able to intercept the expectations of organizations, our goal is to identify the most effective people able to support companies for their organization, transformation and business growth paths. It is very important to us to share our experiences of being able to deal with the world of human resources in a view of continuous exchange. It is our ethical approach. 

When Confindustria Livorno and Massa Carrara called we decided to jump in the project ‘HR Working Group’ of the Coordination of Multinationals and Large Enterprises. 

This is a very interesting project composed of 3 stages that will allow to address and deepen the following themes:

  • How to attract, manage and retain talent; the importance of training and relationships with universities together with educational institutions
  • Diversity, inclusion, internationalization and “brain return”: opportunities and problems
  • Agile work and new ways of working.


The Working Group is made up of 21 local companies operating in different sectors, they are located in the Area of Confindustria Livorno e Massa Carrara down the west side of Tuscany. These organizations have very different dimensions and characteristics, each one is represented by the HR function. 

The goal of this path is to share experiences, projects and expectations relating to the most critical HR issues, now; such hot topics were selected to share views and the best practices.  Another common element to all participants is the desire to build a network of relationships that can help, on a regular basis, this contamination of ideas with an eye that is always attentive to the local territory.

All the participants in the Working Group prepare for each meeting by proposing their vision and their comments regarding the theme chosen. Claudia Paoletti and Stefano Gambardella are responsible for analyzing all this information and setting the guidelines for discussion during the meeting. 

Confindustria Livorno e Massa Carrara had the ability and right sensitivity to organize such stimulating round tables involving all participants to become key players in a new sharing approach.  Kilpatrick has a very active coordinating role during all the events, each member of the Working Group really has the opportunity to express  his/her opinions  and comments on the topic, thus creating a very intense moment of debating  and a high-level technical exchange. 

At the end of the project, upon completion of three phases, a summary document will be created by collecting all these data and the recap will be shared and made available to all participants.

This project is  an excellent example of how Kilpatrick is involved on a daily basis in an action that also takes place in the territory sharing best practices and expectations.  

We appreciate the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the powerful moment of enlightenment, and experience first-hand the trends regarding labor market changes and corporate organizations evolution.

Kilpatrick is delighted  to participate in this stimulating  project, and thanks to Confindustria Livorno and Massa Carrara for trusting and choosing us to form a solid partnership.