Tecnica80 Leading the way for innovative technology worldwide

Tecnica80 is a family run company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and designing of high quality machines and equipment. In a high paced and competitive industry this line of business requires constant innovation to keep up. Tecnica80 has managed to do so without sacrificing quality and keeping their original mission and values the same. Kilpatrick is joining them in mapping out their expansion plan to other countries in Latin America to further their global impact. 

We sat down with Renzo Panfilo, Founder of Tecnica80 and Fabiola Panfilo, legal representative, who run the company. They shared their future plans on expanding internationally with the help of Headhunting Firm Kilpatrick assisting in their mapping. 


What made you choose to start a company in this industry? Could you briefly describe the start of the company and the aim with which it is established?

Renzo Panfilo: My first experience as an entrepreneur in the metalworking sector was as a subcontractor. The processes were standard and low-tech as there was no engineering. 

I withstanded a few years but the passion for mechanical design was too strong, therefore I took the decision to go down different paths by seizing the opportunities that the market of the 80s offered. Tecnica 80 is the fruit of that passion.


How would you describe running a family owned business?

Fabiola Panfilo: manageable and at the same time complicated. Manageable due to the reason the decisions are taken fastly, complicated because you always need to be updated on a vast range of issues. It’s mandatory to be up to date on material costs, international tax issues, logistics and much more. The complexity of managing a company in a globalized world requires constant updating.


What are the main products that Tecnica80 is offering?

Fabiola Panfilo: The main products can be used   the field of electric power transformers, specifically we engineer and produce mandrets, hydraulic staking table, pressers for winding machines, hydraulic benders, equipment for glouing cilinders, platform for winding coils, miller machines, lifter for coils (LEM), spool tipper, bobine tipper, liquid and powder tanks for the pharmaceutical sector, ball mill for crushing chemical products. We also produce packaging lines for the food sector and heat exchangers and, in the past we have also created machinery for the wine sector.


How has your company evolved over the last few years?

Fabiola Panfilo: the demand for the efficiency of power lines worldwide and the orders that major clients have assigned us over the last 15 years have inevitably pushed Tecnica 80 to have a predominant focus in the electricity sector.

We have also grasped the need expressed by our clients to customize products according to their individual needs and it was the best choice as our prototypes are sold all over the world.


What makes Tecnica80 different from other companies in the industry?

Renzo Panfilo: as Fabiola rightly pointed out, it was our ability to respond to the clients needs. Having combined passion and technical skills has led us to be recognized worldwide as suppliers able to “customize” products.


What is the goal in terms of growth for the company?

Fabiola Panfilo: the first target is to structure the company at an organizational level with professionals who are able to sustain a horizontal growth of our business, obviously maintaining our identity.


What are the factors being considered when choosing a Recruitment agency to assist the company? And has Kilpatrick/ Taskforce fulfilled them so far?

Fabiola Panfilo: it was necessary to orient our choice on an executive hunter who was able to understand our technical skills, our operational needs and at the same time had a physical presence at an international level. KP with his staff responded perfectly to our needs.

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