Why Is It Important to Have an Excellent Digital Reputation?

So much of our daily lives and decisions are recorded in the digital world. Our digital reputation is easy to find and may include much more about our choices than we realize. As a result, people and organizations that we have no prior connection to can get access to this information.

Reputation may hold more value now than ever before. The good news is that you have the power to alter your existing digital reputation or forge a new one. The key is knowing how to access the tools to build a good reputation online and protect it from harm. Mastering these tools will position you for greater success in a competitive selection process.


The Role of the Internet in the Selection Process

First impressions are still potent. But we live in an age when much of the selection and hiring processes are just as likely to happen remotely as they are face-to-face. Often, a recruiter or a company will encounter your digital presence long before they interact with you in a selection process. Whatever they find through a search engine can inform them about your character, habits, and personality. They could see what you buy and the organizations you support. They can scan your social media for your inappropriate remarks from four years ago.

Because it can be so easy to find all your faux pas online, some people think they are better off erasing their digital footprint. But employers consider this strategy almost as problematic as bad behavior. A curated digital reputation is vital for increasing your chances of selection success.


What Are the Risks that a Bad Digital Reputation Can Bring to the Selection Process?

Many have now lived a significant part of their lives on social media platforms. They may not remember saying something offensive ten years ago. But an employer can—and too often does—find those posts.

Start by doing a deep dive and getting a digital audit. It can be hard to dig up old stuff on your own, but that doesn’t mean employers can’t find it. Partner with an agency that specializes in digital audits to unearth a surprising amount. Once you know what’s out there, delete outdated or risky posts or accounts. Even if you haven’t posted anything offensive, you’ll still need to delete some things. Old and conflicting data will only scramble or bury the message you’re trying to send.

Another reason why working on your digital reputation is crucial is to discover false information and accounts. You may have led a blameless life online. Meanwhile, others may have stolen your information or published negative news about you. False information about you can harm your chances in the selection process. Clearing up the debris and managing your digital reputation is smart self-marketing.


How Digital Reputation Can Help the Selection of a Candidate

Most people have an extensive digital presence. A shabby digital reputation could knock you out of the running before you even have the chance to speak to someone about your skills. The good news is that there are things you can do to clean up your online image.

Revitalize your digital presence by centering the positive things you want future employers to see. Your tastes, hobbies, likes, and values may have changed over the years. You want your digital reputation to portray what you want employers to know about you now. That doesn’t mean you have to post about your fantastic data management abilities on a post about cookies. The idea is to allow your skills to shine through without the mess of old accounts and risky information.


How Kilpatrick Can Help Candidates Manage Their Digital Reputation

Looking at your digital presence on your own is a first start. You’ll uncover some of the more obvious things that might not align with your goals and intentions. But it’s not always easy to take an unbiased and objective look at our digital lives. And there’s also the potential to miss critical data that an HR department might find. Working with a skilled and well-connected company can help you revamp your digital reputation.

A professional organization like Kilpatrick Executive is your partner in digital reputation management. Whether you’re an individual or a company searching for ways to streamline the selection process, crafting a strategy is key. Kilpatrick Executive has the expertise to guide you to create a smart and positive online presence. They can help you identify possible issues and refocus on relevant skills. Kilpatrick’s internationally accredited coaches help you shape your digital reputation so that you stand out in all stages of the selection process.